Monitoring daily life activities at home in patients with severe mental disorder

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Wednesday, 15th September – 11:20: (Virtual Room 1)


Monitoring daily life activities at home in patients with severe mental disorder

Dr. Jose Antonio Merchán-Baeza 1, Dr. David Perez Cruzado 2, Dr. Jose Joaquín García-Arenas 2
1. Research group on Methodology, Methods, Models and Outcomes of Health and Social Sciences (M3O), Faculty of Health Science and Welfare, University of Vic-Central University of Catalonia (UVIC-UCC), 08500 Vic, Spain, 2. Departamento de Terapia Ocupacional, Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia, Murcia.


Nowadays, digital technologies are developed that allow to specifically record and analyze the routines and lifestyles of users with chronic diseases, in order to improve the care offered to them.


To evaluate the effectiveness of the Beprevent® device in monitoring the execution of various activities of daily living (AVD) against a self-administered questionnaire (Social Functioning Scale) in patients with severe mental disorder.


Analytical descriptive cross-sectional study. The Beprevent devices were placed in the utensils and objects of the home of twelve people with severe mental disorder for monitoring shower, brushing teeth, watching television, nighttime rest and drug treatment. This lasted seven days and, subsequently, they were evaluated through the self-administered questionnaire.


Significant differences were found in three of the six variables analyzed (t-Student) between the Beprevent® devices and the self-administered Social Functioning Scale (SFS), these being tooth brushing and nighttime rest (time to get up during the week and at the weekend).


The Beprevent® devices provide objective information on the execution of the AVD, this being complementary to the one recorded through questionnaires or interviews. Despite this, its use can be found limited in patients who live accompanied due to the registration of false positives.

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